Leadership Team

Our executive team has significant cross border (international) business experience – especially in the area of technology – and fully understands the needs of non-US clients as well as the US clients who want to expand their business overseas. We are confident in our ability to execute the client’s successful cross border market entry.

Saeko Tsuchihashi

Saeko is an accomplished expert at multidimensional strategy, product commercialization, product marketing and business development. She has more than 15 years of experience driving innovative products, services, and market initiatives, and has worked in Asia, the US and Latin America. She is particularly talented at uncovering unique market opportunities and turning them into profitable business by identifying and negotiating strategic deals. Prior to founding MIG, Saeko worked at Sony in product marketing, at Cargill in strategic planning, and at the Inter-American Development Bank in lending and investing in tech-enterprises, e-government and e-commerce projects in Latin America. She has also founded and managed an award winning mobile internet startup and worked as a strategy and marketing consultant, mainly with technology-related companies on projects such as telecom infrastructure, mobile applications, network security, robotic software and medical devices. She has advised numerous technology startups and small businesses as well as large multi-billion dollar business entities, helping them form strategic partnerships, expand their existing business and launch new enterprises. Saeko has an MBA from the Harvard Business School and speaks English, Japanese and Spanish, with some knowledge in Chinese. She is currently serving as a member of the Board of Governors and Vice President of the Harvard Business School Alumni Association of Boston.

Anna Xia

Anna is an entrepreneurial business executive, with over 15 years of experience in global B2B & B2C strategic marketing and business development. As a customer-focused leader, Anna has a proven track record in leading complex cross-functional marketing and eCommerce strategic initiatives, forging business partnerships, and developing creative and results-based solutions. Prior to joining MIG, she held executive positions at Citigroup, Wachovia Bank, RBS Citizens and Liberty Mutual Group. She has a BA in Trade & Economics from Shanghai University in China, a High Diploma in Hotel Management from Cesar Ritz College in Switzerland and an MS in Business Administration from Mississippi State University in the US. She has received executive certifications in both Innovation & Strategy and Management & Leadership from MIT.

Emile Bellott (Advisor)

Emile is an expert on translational development of innovative products and processes and implementation into mainstream marketing and operations. His pharmaceutical and biotech industry experience has focused on drug discovery and development, synthesis and design of small molecule therapeutics, and informatics and structural biology. Earlier, he served in various operating management roles in the aerospace and microelectronics industries.  He has had substantial management experience manufacturing and in developing and implementing innovative processes into operations. He served as VP of Operations, and co-founder of two development-stage biotech companies and founder of a life-science software company. His life science experience spans business development,  medical device and pharmaceutical development, and chemistry outsourcing. In more than 30 years of industry experience, his activities have focused on large and small enterprises in the Life Sciences; Microelectronics ; Aerospace; and Software sectors. He earned a PhD in Physical Organic Chemistry from Harvard and a MBA from the Harvard Business School. He has served in management roles at companies like Lockheed, General Electric, Varian Associates; Johnson Matthey; Dara BioSciences; AsisChem; and Luknova. Optional part

Richard Amster (Advisor)

Richard Amster has over 25 years of program, project, and division, management experience in software development, hardware development, systems integration and infrastructure implementation. Richard has worked in financial services (Nikko Security, Fidelity Investments & Jardine Fleming), industrial process control (Ratheon and IBM), market research (Yankee Group), distance learning and network communications companies. He has managed multicultural teams in North American, Europe and Asia. He holds degrees in Electrical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Doctorate of Juris Prudence from Suffolk University Law School.

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