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Shanghai, China

Market Ignition Group (MIG) believes that market gaps in cross border business transactions are opportunities. We find niches and bridge gaps in fast growing industries. We build strong and useful partnership alliances, introduce appropriate technology commercialization and provide business services for unmet needs.

MIG Partnership Alliance and Business Development

We identify appropriate channels as well as identify, engage and negotiate the most appropriate partner alliances in order to allow our clients to enter a market efficiently. 

Partner relationships can be in several areas: marketing/distribution, OEM, joint development and technology, strategy and licensing agreement and investment.

MIG Product Commercialization and Investment

We help launch and commercialize technology and products.

Depending on a client’s situation, we tailor an approach to their commercialization needs to fit the unique market and their unique requirements.
We help negotiate licensing agreements; develop prototype; launch products and technologies; seek investment from strategic investors, venture capital, private equity funds, and angel and super angel investors; and hire management, engineers and sales personnel.

MIG Business Workshop and Training

Responding to the needs of global business communications and networking alliances, MIG provides various business-related workshops, training programs and networking alliance opportunities, including one-on-one coaching for business executives from both the US and Asia.

MIG Biotech and Medical Device

We help small and medium size companies in North America andEurope. We will take their technologies and products to Asian markets by manufacturing and distributing their products in Asia.

MIG Clean-Tech 

We help small and medium size clean-tech companies inNorth America. We will take their technologies and products to Asian market by manufacturing and distributing their products in Asia.

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